About Us

We specialise in visual stories for clients across a diverse range of fields including high tech, automotive, fashion, commercial as well as adventure & extreme sports related documentary film making.

We work locally and internationally to carry out productions throughout the middle east and Europe, which gives an advantage to many of our clients.

We have had the opportunity to work with incredible clients such as, Chevrolet, BMW, Mini Cooper, Vespa, Converse, Mindspace and many more.


Tallis Clarke

Tallis Clarke is an Australian creative director/film maker. Originally a Landscape Architect, he has the ability to design larger projects with creativity and carry them out with precision.

Tallis’ passion for storytelling & documentary film making has been an asset for  developing a name for himself in directing local and International commercials as well as several documentaries. 

Ran Goren

Ran is an experienced commercial producer that has been in the industry for more than 10 years. He is a unique and rare mix of creativity and organisation will skill in streamlining projects that allow smooth execution while still maintaining creative vision.

Harel img

Harel Madahala

A traveller, an adventure seeker and professional film maker. His passion to capture incredible scenes was ignited over many years of travelling the world and capturing rare and unique moments.

Harel dedicates his time to cinematography and pushing himself to the limits, in tough environments to create stunning imagery and share powerful stories.