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Ask Yourself

This concept was born out of the idea that there is so much noise that surrounds us today. Everyone has an opinion and more often than not we find ourselves giving more weight to that of others rather than trusting our intuition. This film was based on the idea that when we experience those moments of uncertainty, before we just to ask the whole world, take a minute to look inside, and ask yourself the tough questions. ‘The answers aren’t out there... you’ve got them, just don’t forget to ask yourself’


The Lexus project was born out of a pure creative vision. One that touches on several real-time subjects while advertising the all new Lexus electric SUV. This project involved several months of pure passion to bring to life. It was shot in over 7 different locations throughout the Israeli desert. The project involved over 5 days of scouting, car rigs, nights in the hotel and sweaty days in the desert but it was all worth it for the team - the final result is amazing. Hope you enjoy!

See it all

‘See it all’ brings new eyes to an ancient land. Conceptualising this film is bringing the parallel between the beautiful lands the means you need to explore them.

The over the course of several intensive days driving from the north to the south of Israel documenting some of the most stunning views the country has to offer.

A lot of car commercials these days are brought it internationally and together with the client we decided to display the car in the local environment, bring the viewer in and also show them parts of the country they didn’t know existed.


For us, this was a piece close to our hearts. A short piece about discovery and not being afraid to dive outside the boxes we live in. There is the obvious visual beauty associated with the piece but the concept is rooted in imaging something more and wanting to truely capture that experience.

We listened to the clients values and objectives of the video and translated it into a deeper visual piece, steering clear of the cliches that are often associated with these films.

It was an honour shortly after creating the piece to find it was chosen to take part in an international screening campaign at major film festivals around the world and was also featured throughout the Ben Gurion Airport, Israel.


There is no denying the beauty of Greece, from the small white houses to the wandering paved alleyways. When we approached by C’Clair to share our vision on the project we wanted to make sure we could deliver something exceptional and unique for the client.

The film was born our of a 2 week production out in Greece that captures emotions of fun, freedom and a bit of a personally story from the client.

We would be lying if we said this wasn’t one of the most fun shoots we have been honoured to take part in!

Social & Digital Campaigns

Our social content is designed and created around campaigns featuring both video and photography elements. The campaigns come in a variety of packages from one of productions to on-going monthly content for our clients.

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